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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To: Tinted Moisturizer

In summer I'm not a fan of heavy foundations so my go to product is tinted moisturizer! Unfortunately they can get a little pricey so I make my own! Here's how you do it!

Materials Needed:
Facial Moisturizer (preferably with SPF)
Any Foundation (Try a shade a little darker than normal)
Paper plate

1) Take your moisturizer and foundation and put an equal amount of each on the plate.

2) Using the toothpick mix the 2 together. 

3) Continue to mix them until the tinted moisturizer is the right color. Add more of either ingredient if needed.

4) Once you've mixed it take the toothpick and scrape it into your container.

All Done! You don't need many materials or time and you save money! An optional step is to make a cute label for it (:. Good Luck!

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